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American Kennel Club ( AKC )

Info Dog MBF


Orthopedic Foundation for Animal

Florida Association of Kennels

National Animal Interest Alliance

Dog Owner's Guide

Dog Food Research and Reviews 

Pet Safety-Expertise  

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Gainesville  

Pet Cost Overview

Keeping Pets Safe in the Home: new

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Although we are not a rescue group, many of our club members actively work with rescue by assisting with transports or through fostering until these dogs can be placed in a permanent home.

The links listed are a few of the groups our members assist. GGDFA accepts no responsibility for any animal listed on these sites. These animals are unknown to us; we have no first-hand knowledge of behavioral and/ or medical problems.

We are listing as a courtesy in the hope of assisting in their placement to a loving, caring home.


AKC Breed Rescue Groups

Gainesville Pet Finder